Welcome to the maze.

There is no escape...

...but there is peace and quiet.

  • ESC hides/unhides cursor.
  • N generates a new maze.
  • F toggles fullscreen (or you can use that blue buttony thing in the bottom right corner).

In addition to the HTML5 version, you can also download this as a Windows screensaver (for um... preserving that CRT you probably no longer have) and a standalone .exe (for just setting to run on a screen for some eye-candy).

Install instructions

To install the screensaver, right-click the Mez.scr file and select Install. It should now send you to the Windows screensaver menu where you should be able to set the timeout and other stuff for it.

For the .exe version, just set your resolution and enjoy!


Windows Screensaver 10 MB
Windows Standalone 10 MB


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This is pretty cool, not much use to me though (having a Linux machine with an LCD screen), but it's cool nonetheless.


The standalone executable runs fairly well under Wine. I get screen tearing, idk if that's a side-effect of it running in Wine or not, but it's pretty and saves the screen so 5/5.